Tourism of Chandauli District

            The district Chandauli is of much importance for tourism. If you  visit the region of Chakiya and Naugrarh during rainy season, you will find the real beauty is gifted by the nature, whole region of Chakiya, spread over with paddy crops and cloudy sky is bending upon as if trying to touch the earth. The forest of Naugarh, beautiful Dams and waterfall always attract tourists. Naugarh, the legendary of  Novel of Devkinandan Khatri, the writer of  famous novel Chandrakanta In the district Latifshah Beer, Rajdari and Deodari waterfalls Chakiya, Chandraprabha dam, Naugarh Dam, Arvatand waterfall Naugarh, are the major tourist attractions. The regions bear tremendous possibility for development of tourism, specifically eco-tourism and forestry.   Baba Jageshwar Nath(Hetimpur) Van Chetna Kendra, Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary are being developed by Kashi Wildlife Division, Ramnagar  Varanasi. Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary was setup during 1957 covering 9.6 th.hectare of reservered forest area in Chandraprabha and Jaimohini Range (partially). Rajdari, Devdari and Aurwatand(Small Devdari) are the main tourist places in this range. The waterfall of Rajdari and Devdari is situated on Chandraprabha river and near to these waterfall is Chandraprabha Dam. Around the  waterfall, the forest area is full of natural beauty.
Waterfall is baricated with stone wall to safeguard wild animals . specially during rainy season from July to November the beauty of the place is on peak, apprx.1 to 1.5 lacs tourists visit to the place every  year.

       The attractions and major spots are Dhanapur Martyr Memorial    Baba Kinaram Sacred Place  Chakiya Kali Mandir , Baba Latifshah  Tomb and  Others.

70km from Varanasi are the forest of Chandraprabha. These forests nestle within them the Rajdari and Devodari waterfalls A beautiful secluded place for a relaxed outing or a picnic.A tour on Karnanasha River   Waterfalls :1.Rajdari   2.Devdari 3.Aurvatard 4.Karmasha Waterfall and others
Lakes :
1.Chandraprabha 2.Bhaisoda 3.Naugarh 4.Mushakhard 5.Latifshah and others

Rivers :
1.Ganga 2.Karmanasha 3.Chandraprabha and others


Dams :
1.Naugarh 2.Mushakhard 3.Chandraprabha 4.Latifshah 5.Bhaisoda

Canals :
1Chandraprabha 2.Mushakhad 3.Narayanpur Lift Canal.