Disaster Management

Chandauli district will make its vulnerability assessment and identify potential hazards. While making such assessment, the risk involved and capacity to respond will be taken into account. The local community will be informed about their vulnerability to potential hazard/disasters through the representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions/Local Self Government and NGOs. Early Warning Nodal Agencies for Early Warning Following are the Nodal agencies in the Government of India mandated for early warning of different natural hazards:

  • Disasters Agencies Cyclone – Indian Meteorological Department
  • Tsunami – Indian National Centre for Oceanic Information Services
  • Floods – Central Water Commission
  • Landslides – Geological Survey of India
  • Avalanches- Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment
  • Heat & Cold Waves- Indian Meteorological Department

These agencies shall be responsible for keeping track of developments in respect of specific hazards assigned to them and inform the designated authorities/agencies at National, 17 State and District levels about the impending disasters. All these agencies have developed guidelines for early warning of disasters.

Disaster Management Department Website Link :
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Heat wave And Disaster Management 2018-19 : Heat Wave 2018-19 (PDF 629 KB)
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