Women Helpline

Government of India enacted protection of women from sexual harassment in the workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Prevention) Act (SH Act), 2013, with the objective of creating a safe and secure workplace for women free of sexual harassment. This act is working in both the organized and unorganized sectors of the women and establishes a preventive mechanism for disposal of their grievances.

This act is unique in its comprehensive coverage in which all women can be included, irrespective of their working conditions, whether they work in organized or unorganized, public or private sector, despite the hierarchy. Domestic workers have also been included in this area.

It defines “sexual harassment at the workplace” in a broader way, which covers the circumstances of a woman’s employment prospects or adverse work environment or abusive treatment, inherent or obvious promises or threats, her health or safety Can affect For details, please read the FAQs uploaded on the portal.

This sexual harassment electronic box (SHE-Box) is an attempt to provide single window access to every woman in the Indian government, even if she is working in a organized or unorganized, private or public sector, despite her working conditions. , To facilitate the registration of complaint. Any woman facing sexual harassment at the work place for sexual harassment, through this portal, will be able to teach her Can register complaint. Once the complaint is submitted in ‘SHe-Box’, it will be sent directly to the concerned authority, under which the jurisdiction will be authorized to take action in this matter.


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